Chicks Dig An Emo Vampire With Bloody Tears In His Eyes


During last night’s episode of True Blood, former ultra-violence enthusiast slash speed-sex maniac Eric Northman had a bad dream and then cried. Since he’s so different now, AmesiaEric is fun to watch, and it’s obvious that Sookie just melts around him. He’s like a rescued bear cub: Adorable until he tears your throat out. That’s the question mark hanging in the air: When — if ever — will he snap back into aggro bloodlust mode?

While violins played softly, Eric and Sookie had an earnest romantic moment. Quoth he, “There’s a light in you, it’s beautiful. I couldn’t bear if I snuffed it out.” (Didn’t her fairy godmother have a light, too? He snuffed that blaze real quick.) He left, she called him back, the music swelled, and they totally had one of those kisses That Changes Everything.

I’m torn, though: You know how men who scowl are more attractive than men who smile? Yeah. Eric was so much hotter when he was an impatient asshole getting his hair highlighted and banging Eastern European models in the dungeon. Now that’s he’s gone all Twilight, the sizzle is more of a fizzle. Still, there’s always been something between Sookie and Eric — all those dreams, fantasies and flirting — so I will gladly watch them make out and talk pretty while I wait for him to go back to normal. In fact, I vote for More Making Out.

Other moments of note:

  • Arlene: “Keep your ghost hands off my baby.”
  • Pam: “You fuck with my face, it’s time to die.”
  • “I fucked up, Sam.” “I see that, Tommy.”
  • Gators love marshmallows.
  • Vampires run Google and Fox news? Good to know.

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