Cindy Crawford Talks About Her Mole and Being ‘Jealous’ Of Social Media


Cindy Crawford, one of the world’s most revered supermodels, is coming out with an autobiographical book called Becoming. Crawford, who faced criticism when an altered ‘untouched’ photo leaked online earlier this year, says the book is meant to help women develop a healthy self-esteem. Advice coming from one of the most beautiful people in the world may cause you to automatically react with a snarl and a stank-eye, but Crawford openly shares her personal struggles with aging and self-confidence, all while revealing details about her glamorous life.

Crawford talked to the Hollywood Reporter about her decision to not pull an Enrique Iglesias and remove her famous beauty mark. “If you can change it, do. But if you can’t, learn to accept it,” she said. “I kept my mole when I was in high school and that was a big choice. And then look it ended up being something that made people remember me. So I guess I try to live by that. It’s like, if I can change something if I’m really unhappy with something, and I can change it if it’s within my power, but a lot of times it’s not.”

She also said some interesting things about social media:

“I’m a little bit jealous that they have social media, because I think that through the use of social media, they are better able to help shape their own image. I think my generation of models, we were perceived the way we were — you know — through our pictures. On social media, you can create or just illuminate your own image, and I think some of the young models are really good at it. I think that more and more social media presence is what will helps you start your own clothing line or campaign or end up on a cover of a magazine.”

On plastic surgery:

“I don’t know. It’s just personal. I don’t judge.”

On getting older and all that jazz:

“Every woman feels pressure to look a certain way, and I think being a model and being in the public eye, in some ways, you’re more aware of it, and you’re more judged by it. It’s intimidating. Even for me, it’s like you know I haven’t even turned 50 yet, and even writing this book and everything, it feels like, oh my god. It’s such a benchmark or whatever.”

I will gladly add Becoming to my collection of celeb beauty books. I hope there’s some juicy behind-the-scenes gossip about House of Style!

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