Clarence Thomas Was An Intellectually Lazy Binge Drinker


Clarence Thomas‘s ex Lillian McEwen appeared on Larry King last night to talk about Thomas’s alcoholism and “weird” obsessions — and whether the man she knew was qualified to serve on the Supreme Court.

McEwen, who dated Thomas in the eighties, previously spoke to the Washington Post about his porn obsession and his habit of evaluating coworkers as “potential partners.” All of which is just, y’know, guy stuff to Post columnist Richard Cohen, who says, “when it comes to his alleged sexual boorishness, [Thomas] stands condemned of being a man.” Maybe Cohen would be more disturbed by some of McEwen’s other allegations:

The most interesting new tidbit here is McEwen’s comment about Thomas’s lack of “intellectual curiosity” — especially since, as CNN’s Tom Cohen points out, Thomas “is known for rarely if ever asking questions during hearings.” Ginni Thomas‘s phone call is looking like a worse move every day — it thrust McEwen into the spotlight (she says she was initially “tricked” into speaking to the Post), and now she’s questioning not just his behavior toward women but his judicial skills. Richard Cohen, who “was young and boorish once myself and have turned out to be a veritable saint,” says “I want to forget both Hill and Thomas.” But it’s a little tough to forget Thomas, since he’s on the Supreme Court for life — and to hear McEwen tell it, he might not be very well-suited to his job.

Former Girlfriend Says Clarence Thomas Was A Binge Drinker, Porn User [CNN]
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