Clarence Thomas's Trump-Supporter Wife Apologized To His Former Clerks After the Capitol Insurrection

Clarence Thomas's Trump-Supporter Wife Apologized To His Former Clerks After the Capitol Insurrection
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Virginia “Ginni” Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, recently apologized to Justice Thomas’s former law clerks for the tension that apparently emerged between her and some members of the group after she supported Donald Trump in the 2020 election and voiced her support for the rioters who stormed the Capitol building in January. Ginni, who once called Anita Hill (yes, THAT Anita Hill) to ask that Hill apologize to her husband (????????????) for accusing him of sexual assault nearly twenty years prior (again, ??????????????????), has been active in conservative causes for several decades and is a passionate Trump supporter.

In Ginni Thomas’s email, which was sent to a private Thomas Clerk World email list comprised of her husband’s staff throughout his time on the Supreme Court, she wrote:

“I owe you all an apology. I have likely imposed on you my lifetime passions.
My passions and beliefs are likely shared with the bulk of you, but certainly not all. And sometimes the smallest matters can divide loved ones for too long. Let’s pledge to not let politics divide THIS family, and learn to speak more gently and knowingly across the divide.”
“I would ask those of you on the contrary side to have grace and mercy on those on my side of the polarized world, and feel free to call and talk to me individually about where I failed you as a friend here. I probably need more tutoring.
Otherwise, on behalf of both of us, be assured of our love for each of you.”

Now, I don’t have the time, space, or energy to get into all of the red flags in this short excerpt of her email, but let’s just acknowledge the fact that she called a work environment a “family” and then proceeded to say “but let’s not let politics affect this family.” On top of that, this definitely doesn’t qualify as an apology, unless “I have likely imposed on you my lifetime passions” is Ginni Thomas’s version of “I’m sorry.” Unless “I probably need more tutoring” is her version of “I’m sorry”? It’s difficult to tell which part of this non-apology was intended to be an apology.

Ginni Thomas was a vocal Trump supporter throughout his time in office, even meeting with the former president during his tenure in office to advise him on political appointees. She was also one of the people invited to the White House celebrate after Trump was acquitted during his first Senate impeachment trial. Although her husband is the senior member of the Supreme Court’s conservative majority, Clarence Thomas has never recused himself because of his wife’s comments about a political issue.

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