Classy Rental Car Company Invites Caitlyn Jenner to 'Try This Crossover'


This is a really incredible unforced error: Sixt, a rental car company you’ve never heard of, made an ad encouraging Caitlyn Jenner to “try this crossover,” which is a type of car and also a tasteless joke about her transition. The ad remains up on their Twitter and Facebook, despite hundreds of people tweeting at them in increasingly angry ways.

Here’s a screenshot of the ad, which we saw via Uproxx:

A “crossover” is a car that combine aspects of an SUV with a passenger vehicle; someone had to think really hard about making this into a joke about trans people, but by God, they managed it. Zero points.

Although the company is responding to people complaining about actual rental car issues, they’re ignoring hundreds of angry tweets from people carefully pointing out that they’re garbage:

Sixt’s contact information is right here.

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Jenner in New York, June 30. Photo via AP Images

Image via Twitter/Sixt

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