Clever Lady Pretends She's In Labor To Avoid Speeding Ticket


Remember that time in junior high when you used the old “cramps” excuse to avoid running the mile in gym class? Well, a New Zealand woman recently took it to the next level when she lied to police, telling them she was in labor. The woman was sitting shotgun in a car traveling at 146 km/h (90 mph), speeding around corners toward oncoming traffic and ignoring police signals to pull over. Officers responded to the pregnancy plea by cordoning off part of the road and rushing the woman to the hospital in an ambulance. Upon arrival at the hospital the woman, who was 7 months pregnant, promptly discharged herself and hopped in a waiting car that sped off into the night. Like a boss.

Police Sergeant Mark Holmes believes the woman was “using her pregnancy as a smokescreen to give some justification for the driver’s actions,” and finds it “disappointing that someone would use their condition like that to their advantage.”

Although the driver was reckless (he ended up getting fined anyway) and this woman was irresponsible, when you think about all the disadvantages pregnant women face (job discrimination, morning sickness, no roller coasters…) it’s a little bit awesome to hear about a baby bump coming in handy.

Women Fakes Birth To Evade Police [NZ Herald]

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