Coachella 2022: Let’s Hear It for Weekend 2 Looks

Pouring one out for some sandy fashion sins or righted wrongs during a second romp in the desert.

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Graphic: Getty Images (Getty Images)

As if one crocheted extravaganza in the desert wasn’t enough, it’s time to pick apart the looks that dominated the second weekend of Coachella.

During the first weekend, I hear those elder millennials who survived the three-day abuse to their bodies (read: there were not a lot) thoroughly enjoyed the music. There were plenty of highlights, including Harry Styles in a sequined romper bringing out Shania Twain to perform “Man, I Feel Like a Woman” and Megan thee Stallion sending everyone screaming to their knees with the debut of a new song. The SoCal festival even had its very own slice of Fyre Festival-esque drama, as Revolve’s annual gathering left It Girls, influencers, and people who know people stranded in the desert for hours.

During Weekend 2, however, fans were treated to a second set of the crème de la crème of music’s elites and their styling choices. Although I adore “Slut Pop” and nearly everything Kim Petras sings, I was personally disappointed to see that she got slimed on her way to the stage again. Meanwhile, I died and dug myself a grave for the second weekend in a row as Harry Styles brought out Lizzo, leaving me no chance for resurrection. Billie Eilish brought out Hayley Williams to sing “Misery Business” together, reigniting the inner punk princesses of chronic angsty girls everywhere.

Princess Nokia and Normani looked fabulous as attendees this weekend, but many of the influencers present failed to put their own twists of personal style on desert chic. Instead, they simply regurgitated the metallic Boho looks that crop up at Zara around this time every year.

With that said, a round of applause for the artists who flew their private jets to Palm Springs with pizzazz, and a hardy “BOO” for those who looked a little, uh, windswept for a second weekend in a row.

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