Colbert Solves Hurricane Gender Problem with 'Hurricane Butch McBalls'


Earlier this week, media outlets reported on a study that found that people are less likely to take a hurricane seriously if it has female name. While to us it might seem stupid (and sexist) to forgo fretting over Hurricane Sandy because she sounds sweet and Grease is your favorite movie, Stephen Colbert — a man of great intellect and empathy — understands.

“Hey, we’ve all been there,” Colbert remarked on last night’s Report. “I hear Hurricane Irene is coming, I say, ‘Wow, she sounds like a lovely lady.’ So I go out to greet her in the yard with a bucket of nails.”

Never one to present a problem without also offering a solution, Stephen then suggested that weather reporting becomes a little more macho. Batten down the hatches, everyone. Hurricane Butch McBalls is headed to a coastline near you.

The Colbert Report
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