College Dorms Are Diseased, Just Might Kill You


Stress, anxiety, sleep deprivation, the freshman 15, studying, getting along with roommates… there’s a lot to worry about as an incoming college freshman. But kids, you can forget about all of that and concentrate on the real danger: germs, of which your dorm room has plenty.

As if we weren’t already skeeved out enough by the usual shared bathroom situation (and how some folks don’t feel the need to wear flip-flops), Good Morning America decided to visit Boston University’s dorms to find out how many students were alarmed by how easily germs and disease spread throughout them. Their findings? Kids were more alarmed by the gigantic number of food options in the cafeteria than anything else. But speaking as someone who had whooping cough* as a sophomore in the dorms, perhaps they should put down the pizza and take a few extra vitamins.

* I know, right? When the doctor gave me my diagnosis, I laughed and said “Didn’t that die out in the 1800’s?’ But as it turned out, there was a bad dose of vaccines during the year I was born, and pertussis was being spread around college campuses like wildfire. So be careful out there, kiddies!

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