Comment Of The Day: The Greatest Viral Video You'll Never See


Today we learned emotions are the key to a great viral video. We know this one would have been epic, because we’re tearing up over the fact that we’ll never be able to forward it to our friends. spacegod says:

Oh wow you gotta see my baby cat in its viral vid—it’s wearing sunglasses and playing the piano in a lady gaga costume and wearing Lincoln’s stovepipe reciting the pledge of allegiance while throwing out the first baseball and saying “Mama” in a dog’s voice and then ASL paw signing the Declaration of Independence for the deaf.
Aw…shit……This beta tape is not fitting into the VCR.
I already broke a bunch of vinyl trying to stuff them into my CD player.
Doesn’t anyone have a cassette?
Or a Crystal Skull we can embed the information into for later?
Maybe I could just overwrite a Febreze Scentmaker CD and we could at least find out of what my new cat song smells like.

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