Cosmo Says: Cash-Strapped Ladies, Put A Belt On It


April’s Cosmo jumps (again) on the recession-era shop-your-closet bandwagon, and lands with a resounding thud.

Most of Cosmo‘s ideas will seem obvious to anyone with a brain stem. Did you know you can roll up your jeans? Wear a dress with a sweater? Pair a white tank top with — gosh, anything? A few don’t really seem like they would help much — is putting a belt on “last year’s bright sack dress” really going to make a whole new outfit? But the whole spread might look better if the model wearingCosmo‘s on-the-cheap ideas wasn’t pictured with a whole mess of designer shoes — and the boxes she apparently just bought them in. Thanks for the tip, Cosmo — our closets would be a lot more fun to shop in if they magically contained a whole bunch of spanking new Louboutins.

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