Crazy Homophobes Protest Comic Con, Comic Con Protests Back


The crazies at the Westboro Baptist Church decided to stir up some trouble yesterday by picketing Comic Con. Fortunately, the Nerd Brigade was prepared and ready to fight back. Geeks versus religious freaks – who won?

Armed with their sense of humor and intact sanity, obviously the Comic Con crew came out victorious. When they got word that the Westboro crowd – you remember, that group that likes to chant stuff like “God hates fags” – was planning a protest, the attendees at San Diego’s Comic Con convention prepared their own counter-protest. While the Westboro folk picketed with their traditional, fear-mongering signs (including one with a picture of Obama adorned with devil horns and the charming caption “Antichrist Obama”) the fanboys and cosplayers came out with costumes and signs of their own.

A collection of Jedi Knights, anime girls, and others were lined up on the street when the Westboro protesters arrived. They held signs reading “God Hates Jedi,” “Kill All Humans,” “Fags are Sexy Beasts” and “God Hates Kittens.” They even had a rallying cry, which went: “What do we want? Gay Sex? When do we want it? Now!” The Westboro people stood across the street with their own signs. Besides the aforementioned Obama poster, they also held slogans like “Inconvenient Truth: God Hates Divorce” and “God Hates You” (guess these fire-and-brimstone types missed the “loving God” day of Sunday school, huh?).

Though they’re done with Comic Con, the Westboro Baptist Church isn’t finished spreading the hate. According to their website (, they will be organizing a protest in Iowa next. Sadly, there probably won’t be any Gay Robin around to welcome them into town.

Pictures of the madness, below:

Westboro Assholes And Their Signs, via Comics Alliance

God Hates Hitler Cat

Brave, nerdy protesters, via Comics Alliance

The Scene On The Comic Con Side, via Bleeding Cool

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[First image via Bleeding Cool]

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