Creepy Article Waxes Philosophical About "Model Flesh"


I counted half a dozen creepy “breast” references in this Wall Street Journal article about a man whose professional expertise lies in applying body makeup to runway models. The model makeup artist himself doesn’t seem creepy, though; if you watch the video of the man discussing the serious, artistic way he approaches his chosen profession and then read the borderline leery, sexual description of him running his hands over a strange woman’s breast without getting slapped in the face, it’s clear that the article decided to view this man’s job from the position of a person who would be sexually excited by the job. It’s almost like the author of the piece assumes that the only audience for an article in the Wall Street Journal is the heterosexual male whose ultimate fantasy is to apply shimmery powder to the breasts and legs of runway models. Most disturbingly, the piece was written by a woman.

Working Fashion: The Man Who Powders Model Flesh [WSJ]

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