Creepy Secret Government Agencies Beware


Tonight, Nikita, the stealthy, sexy, spy-y new show from the CW, is slinking towards a TV near you. Starring Maggie Q. (a woman who’s last name already makes her sound like a secret agent), Nikita is about a bad girl turned bad-ass who relentlessly chases bad guys.

Nikita was just like any other teenage girl on death row until a mysterious government organization known only as Division recruited her to be a walking, kicking lethal assassin. But now she’s on the run. After being betrayed by the agency she thought she could trust, Nikita is on a one woman mission to bring down the covert operation, one impossibly high-heeled step at a time.

The series premiere of Nikita airs tonight, Thursday, September 9 at 9/8c. Check out the preview below!

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