Cross-Dressing Boy Stuns Chinese Singing Competition


Super Boy is China’s version of American Idol, but all-male. So the judges were pretty confounded when a cross-dressing guy auditioned looking and sounding like a gorgeous young woman. His performance was a little too good, actually. Translation follows.

The contestant, Liu Zhu, a 19-year-old music-school student from the Sichuan province, prompted a particularly harsh reaction from judge Annie Rose, who wasn’t having it. A translation of some of the dialogue between the two:

Rose: “I am still suspicious about your identity. Can we examine your gender?”
Zhu: “How do you examine?”
Rose: “Do you choose a male judge or a female judge to verify? I still have doubts about your identity. I think you are a girl.”
Zhu: “I didn’t lie. Thank you.”
Rose: “But I feel if you are lying, you are playing tricks on us and the viewers.”
Zhu: “I didn’t lie or play tricks on you.”
Rose: “Then I hope the netizens will human flesh search you! Can you swear on your dignity?”
Zhu: “I can swear on it on anything…”

Not sure how much dignity he’ll have left to swear on if the judges keep that up.

In the interview after Zhu’s audition, Zhu explained that this has been his lifestyle choice since he was young: “I am indeed a boy, and I dress like this every day.” His family has accepted his choice, he says, and it would feel wrong for to enter the competition dressed like someone else wouldn’t feel right. “This way is more natural, if I purposely dress like a boy just for this contest, I think it would be very fake.”

Cross-Dressing Boy Entering Singing Contest, Judges And Viewers Stunned [ChinaHush]

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