Decrepit Meryl Streep Is The Oldest Woman To Ever Grace The Cover Of Vogue


Were you aware that we live in a world in which Blake Lively has been on the cover of Vogue twice while Meryl Streep hasn’t made a single appearance? Well, no more. Vogue has released the cover of its January issue, which features Streep (along with some groundbreaking jacket-wearing methods). Inside the 62-year-old says that when she was offered three different witch roles after turning 40, she felt it meant older women were “grotesque on some level” and told her husband, “It’s over.” The Associated Press notes that she “jokes in the magazine she’s the ‘oldest person'” to appear on the cover, but it’s true. Priscilla Presley was 59 when she posed for the magazine in 2004, but she shared the cover with her daughter and granddaughter. Streep has appeared in international editions of Vogue, but in 2010 the average age of cover models in the American magazine was only 33.

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