Delightful GOP Candidate: "I Don't Snuff My Own Seed"


GOP Presidential hopeful Herman Cain says that “From the standpoint of our conservative beliefs and values, Sarah Palin and I are probably identical.” Except even Palin hasn’t made the biggest WTF political commercial this side of Mike Gravel.

Cain is a retired pizza chain owner and right wing radio host who ran for Senate in 2004. This commercial is dated in 2006, and it’s unclear what the occasion was, or where they’re going with the plastic-voiced interlocutor. Except that it exists in a parallel universe where the Defense of Marriage Act is about not cheating on your wife, and humans speak to each other this way in chipper tones about “hoes” and “snuffing” one’s “seed.”

According to The Atlantic, Cain has deftly appealed to Tea Partiers by telling them they aren’t racist after all. “Cain railed against liberals, who, he said, slander conservatives as ‘racist, redneck tea-baggers.’ He paused for effect, then brought the house down: ‘I had to go look in the mirror to see if I missed something!'”

Welcome to “The Hermanator Experience.” Oh, he’s trademarked the phrase.

Herman Cain, The GOP Wildcard [The Atlantic]

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