Diamonds Are Cate Blanchett's Best Friend


Another day, another red carpet on which Cate Blanchett looks fabulous. In fact, the shocks at “Set In Style: The Jewelry Of Van Cleef & Arpels” Opening Gala came from quite another quarter: the weirdly awful duds sported by some of the other bold-face guests.

Elegance, thy name is Blanchett. Balenciaga’s in there too, though.

A lot of these women possess a skill most of us will never need: dressing to show off diamonds. Exhibit A: Du Juan.

The ever-chic Marisa Berenson.

Kelly Rutherford, worthy of a Van der Woodsen.

Meanwhile, Vera Wang lets her gown do the shining — and get used to metallics, they’re gonna be Big for a while.

Carolyn Murphy.

Muffie Potter Aston, meanwhile, actually dresses to match her bling. Not to mention her name.

Susan Fales-Hill.

Then things got…unfortunate. Lisa Marie Falcone was going for Old Hollywood…but the effect is more old Roman blind.

Julie Macko, meanwhile, is ready for a stint with the Na’vi.

Piper Perabo appears to be hiding behind the sinister haunted forest that is her incredibly busy frock.

Dr. Lisa Airan is a prominent dermatologist. None of which explains this. Could anything, save an unwise commitment to a highly experimental music video?

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