Did Puck Really Call Pedro Zamora "AIDS Boy"?

Pedro—the MTV movie about Real World: San Francisco‘s AIDS activist Pedro Zamora—was written by Dustin Lance Black, screenwriter of Milk. But you’d never know that guy won an Oscar, watching this flick.

The dialogue was taken exactly from Real World episodes and Pedro’s public speaking engagements. However, I don’t remember—and I watched the show religiously—Puck ever referring to Pedro as “AIDS boy.” It’s quite possible that this is something that Pedro and the roommates witnessed when no cameras were around, or maybe the movie just wanted to make a point of what an asshole Puck was in a short moment. I thought we’d get some more behind the scenes looks, but they just reenacted famous scenes, like Puck digging his fingers into the peanut butter jar:

And Rachel telling Pedro that she’s not comfortable living with someone “living with AIDS”:

As for the cast, the acting, particularly on the parts of the chicks playing Pam and Rachel, was atrocious, although the guy playing Puck totally got his voice down. The guy cast as Judd was way too tall.

The real Judd and Pam—who are now married with two kids—made a cameo:

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