Doctor Suing FDA to Reverse Abortion Pill Approval Claims to Be a ‘Soldier in the Army of God’

Regina Frost-Clark, an anti-abortion OB/GYN in Michigan, is one of four doctors asking the FDA to revoke its approval of the abortion drug mifepristone.

Doctor Suing FDA to Reverse Abortion Pill Approval Claims to Be a ‘Soldier in the Army of God’
Photo of Regina Frost-Clark from CMDA 2022 President’s Heritage Award video (Fair Use)

On Friday, the right-wing group Alliance Defending Freedom sued the Food and Drug Administration on behalf of four doctors in an effort to get the FDA to revoke its approval of the drug mifepristone, which is used for medication abortions and miscarriage management. The group claims the FDA exceeded its authority when approving the drug in September 2000 and wants it taken off the market.

We already knew that one of the doctor plaintiffs, George Delgado, is an infamous activist who pioneered the lie that abortion pills can be “reversed.” Now here’s some information about one of the other doctors, Regina Frost-Clark: She’s an OB/GYN practicing at a Catholic health system in Michigan called Ascension Medical Group and a member of the Christian Medical & Dental Associations (CMDA). In April 2022, the organization honored Frost-Clark with the President’s Heritage Award, and when she accepted it, she said CMDA members “are called to be soldiers in the army of God, and we are brothers and sisters here together working side by side to further his kingdom.”

In a September episode of CDMA’s podcast, Frost-Clark listed treating transgender patients as a concern for medical students and residents. “When I was younger and considering OB/GYN, the main thing I had to think about were work hours and malpractice. But now we have other social issues such as transgenderism and abortion issues and rights of conscience and things that I never had to face,” she said. “I’ve even had students contact me through CMDA asking if they should still go into OB/GYN.”

When you see news that doctors are claiming medical care like abortion is unsafe, it’s important to know exactly what kind of doctors are making these claims. Catholic healthcare systems including Ascension follow the Church’s ethical and religious directives on care, which means denying patients access to birth control, abortions, and miscarriage care. Ascension’s Michigan branch has itself been in the news for refusing multiple patients’ requests to get their tubes tied, and for not replacing a woman’s IUD following surgery for endometriosis.

There is no question that abortion pills are safe and effective enough to be approved by the FDA—and the only “doctors” who claim otherwise are doing so on behalf of religion, not science.

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