Dogs Eating Ice Cream Sounds Like Pure, First-World Madness


Ahead of what has proved for many Americans to be a happily gluttonous Memorial Day weekend, The New York Times ran a Q&A with ice cream trucker Peter Van Leeuwen, of the artisanal ice cream Van Leeuwens. Obviously, there was lots of delicious banter about ice cream and the scooping thereof, banter most definitely aimed at arousing readers’ long-dormant appetites for cool, creamy desserts.

However, Van Leeuwen’s magical mystery ice cream bus doesn’t just serve ice cream to humans. Would it surprise you to know that dogs are also connoisseurs of fine, artisanal creams? Van Leeuwen explained that, in fact, both children and dogs enjoy the artisanal ice cream experience:

Oh yeah. They [children] do. Dogs, too. We have a lot of dog customers who come up. We give dogs free tastes of ice cream, little tasting spoons full. I’ve seen it happen: they see the truck before the owner does, and are pulling the owner up and jump up on the counter waiting for their taste.

Obviously, dogs eating ice cream isn’t an earth-shaking phenomenon revealing our civilization-corrupting decadence, but it does offer the perfect opportunity to share this relevant piece of information:

[NY Times]

Image via AP, Matthias Rietschel

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