Donald Trump Gets Yelled at on Live TV While Trying to Defend His Plan to Ban Muslims 


Poorly-trained circus orangutan Donald Trump was on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Tuesday, busily defending his hideous plan to ban Muslims from entering the United States. He shouted hoarsely into thin air for a while before host Joe Scarborough told him to stop talking and cut to a commercial break.

It’s worth pointing out, first of all, that no one, not even Lord of Outer Darkness Dick Cheney, thinks this is a good plan.

Washington Post reporter Jenna Johnson says the Trump campaign is slowly fleshing out the very realistic strategy to allow Muslim world leaders, among others, to enter the country.

Typically, his plan on how this would be executed is very detailed, workable, and doesn’t smack of someone who’s pulling things from deep within his rectum as he goes along:

Trump made a phone appearance this morning on MSNBC, where he assured hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski that he’d definitely thought this whole thing out.

“Everybody now agrees with me in one form or another,” Trump asserted, incorrectly, referring to his previous proposals to do things like build a wall between Mexico and the United States and create a registry for Muslim Americans.

In response to a question from Brzezinski about how Muslims around the world could help fight the war on terror, Trump ranted for a while about Paris, Muslims, and “getting our hands around a very difficult situation” before Scarborough cut in.

“You gotta let us ask questions,” he told Trump. “You can’t just talk… You’re just talking. All Muslims—”

“I’m not just talking,” Trump responded. “Joe, I’m not just talking. I’m giving you the facts.”

“Donald, Donald, Donald. You’re not going to keep talking. We will go to break if you keep talking,” Scarborough repeated.

“Go to break, then, Joe,” Trump responded. “All I’m doing is giving you the facts and you don’t wanna hear the facts.”

Scarborough directed the crew to cut to break, and they did. They returned a moment later, where Trump continued insisting for another half hour that his plan isn’t unconstitutional or illegal (it is both).

The response from the media and the public alike has been pretty unified.

Here’s the full interview, if you like to start your quiet weeping early.

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