Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Whackadoodle Niece Has Dumb Opinion of Michelle Obama


Alveda King, the right wing nutjob niece of noted friend of Planned Parenthood* Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, watched the First Lady’s speech at the Democratic National Convention last night. And she has some terrible opinions about it!

Via a press release, the National Organization for Marriage spokesperson said,

The First Lady of America took the grandstand last night in a rousing speech. As the emails flooded into my cache, with the pros and cons, I wrote back to one sincere young lady: ‘She looked beautiful and proves that she’s nearly as much a consummate skilled politician as her husband. She almost makes you forget that her husband supports killing babies and destroying natural marriage. Almost…’
What the First Lady didn’t mention is the high number of jobless families, and the astronomical debt her husband has run up in the name of entitlement during his tenure. This debt will fall on the backs of our children, at least those who don’t end up contracepted or aborted or not conceived in the first place.

Killing babies? Natural marriage? Entitlement? Wingnut Tic-Tac-Toe!

[Joe. My. God.]

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