Dude Wakes Up and Can Only Speak Swedish, So He Moves to Sweden


Michael Boatwright, a 61-year-old Navy veteran, was found unconscious in a Palm Springs Motel 6 with five tennis rackets and no memory of being Michael Boatwright. When he woke up in a hospital a few days later, he insisted that his name was Johan Ek, he lived in Sweden, he didn’t know shit about tennis rackets, and he only spoke Swedish. MYSTERIES ABOUND.

Via CNN:

He didn’t recall serving in the U.S. Navy. Or of being born in Florida.
…When they showed him photos of himself with others, he didn’t recognize them, or himself.
And he didn’t speak a word of English.
The man said his name was Johan Ek.
And he said it in Swedish.
That was back in February.
Today, the 61-year-old man says he has come to terms with the name “Michael Boatwright,” but only because doctors told him he should.
He still feels like Johan Ek from Sweden.
And he can’t explain why.

WELL OKEY DOKEY THEN, I GUESS. (This dude’s amnesia really should have consulted with my high school guidance counselor and picked a more useful language.)

The story first made the rounds back in July (Boatwright’s sister said he was “always a wanderer” who would show up occasionally when he needed money), but now Boatwright has apparently decided to relocate permanently to Sweden. According to the AP video above, he has reconnected with an old girlfriend (wooOOoOoooooOoooOOOooOo!!!). Hopefully he’ll also have a chance to dust off the chainmail and hang out with his old Swedish medieval jousting buddies. Best of luck to him. I mean skål. Or whatever.

Thanks, news! It’s been too long since I’ve read a good novelty amnesia story! Now, if Michael Boatwright could fall in some Swedish quicksand one of these days (and escape!!! I am not a monster!), that’d be great. Thx in advance.

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