Durex Wants the Public to Rise Up and Demand a Condom Emoji for Safer Sexting


World Aids Day is less than two weeks away. If that information is a surprise to you, Durex knows you’re not alone. That’s why the condom manufacturer is requesting its sext-loving users to petition the world for a condom emoji, making even the dirtiest sexts (pineapple+skull face+the woman in red tangoing+eggplant+peach) a little safer.

Mashable reports that the campaign, which may be tongue-in-cheek but seems very sincere, was created after Durex found that millennials don’t really care about safe sex (or buy Durex condoms) as much as they should:

According to research commissioned by the condom company, around a third of young people aged 16 to 25 claim not to care about safe sex, and nearly half don’t consider HIV a real possibility to them and their friends.
Additionally, the survey found that eight out of 10 young people are more comfortable talking about sex in emoji terms.

While getting the emoji approved would take a year or more, according to Mashable, Durex is hoping that it’s added to the current library so that the sexting demographic will feel just as comfortable asking to use a condom via emoji as they feel making “I’m kinda serious” jokes about butt stuff and the size of their ginormous throbbing aubergines.

One could argue that teens and young adults are already able to send others pictures and GIFs of condoms they’ve pulled off the internet, but going from emoji to GIF really breaks up the flow of social intercourse, and we all know how important rhythm is in such situations.

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