Dwayne Johnson Caught in Series of Shocking Lies About In-N-Out

The Rock recently posted a very cute Instagram video about his "first time" going to In-N-Out. Except, it wasn't his first time...

Dwayne Johnson Caught in Series of Shocking Lies About In-N-Out

Every now and then we uncover a lie that fundamentally rocks our world (emphasis on rock), shakes us to our core, and makes us question whether we can trust anyone. That happened to me on Thursday, when I encountered a damning investigative report in TMZ exposing Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as a rotten, no-good grifter. A few days ago, Johnson shared a video of what he called his “first ever @innout burger experience.” He films himself pulling up to the drive-thru and writes, “I didn’t know the lingo, didn’t know who to pay, where to pay, didn’t know shit ‍♂️ .” So, he films himself asking questions, ordering a load of good stuff, tipping the employees, and driving off into the sunset. “LOVED the grub,” he says. “Thank you In-N-Out for being awesome and I’ll see ya down the road.”

Sounds pretty sweet, right? Wrong. Per TMZ’s bombshell reporting, this is Johnson’s third time posting about his supposed “first” trip to In-N-Out. If we’re all just lying about when we lost our In-N-Out virginity, is nothing sacred anymore???

Back in August 2022, Johnson shared a similar video of himself eating two double-double burgers and two fries captioned, “My first time ever eating @innout .” He adds, “This cheeseburger connoisseur will now add In & Out to ‘the list’ .” Except… that wasn’t his first time, either. In February 2017, Johnson posted a selfie of himself in an In-N-Out drive-thru captioned, “I’ve never been to IN-N-OUT before (I know, what an asshole;), but when my lovely ladies @laurenhashianofficial & @simonegjohnson wanted late night grub, I happily obliged and pulled in the drive thru.” The women he tagged are seemingly In-N-Out employees who served him—likely the original victims of his pathological lying. He then thanks them for the “free ketchup,” as if ketchup has ever not been free. OK, maybe that was his first time.

I’m not the virginity police, but you have to admit this is downright skeevy. Sure, partner with In-N-Out, get your money, do what influencers and celebrities have been doing for decades. That’s not the problem here! The problem is the insulting lack of creativity and whimsy. The problem is giving your followers so little credit that you think every couple of years, we’ll all just conveniently forget about your first, first trip to In-N-Out on that fateful February 23, 2017. Come on, Mr. The Rock. We’re better than that.

Or perhaps per TMZ’s headline, “Dwayne Johnson Keeps Saying It’s His First Time Trying In-N-Out, But He’s Mistaken,” Johnson is just “mistaken”…? Maybe he suffers from a highly specific, untreated strain of amnesia that causes him to exclusively forget his fast food culinary experiences…? Representatives for Johnson did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but trust: We will update if they do…

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