Ellen Degeneres’ Hen Has Gone Home to Roost With the Duke and Duchess of Sussex

As it turns out, rich people in Montecito just pass around fowl.

Ellen Degeneres’ Hen Has Gone Home to Roost With the Duke and Duchess of Sussex
Photo:Shutterstock, Ellen Degeneres (Instagram)

Breaking news in fowl fodder: Ellen Degeneres’ hen, Sinkie, has been rehomed! Now, I know this is overwhelming information so if you’re feeling faint, please do lie down now because the plot…chickens.

Sinkie, as it turns out, didn’t just waddle her way to the property of a humble farmer. No, our girl now resides at the palatial estate of one Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, as confirmed by Degeneres herself.

“Update: Sinkie is fitting right in at her new home,” DeGeneres captioned an Instagram video of the chicken clucking around her new coop. Strain hard enough and you can hear what sounds like Markle saying hello off-screen.

Anyone who watched the Duke and Duchess’ 2021 sit-down with Oprah Winfrey will likely remember that the royals’ Montecito estate boasts enough space for an entire petting zoo. The estate also includes Archie’s Chick Inn, a coop full of hens rescued from a factory farm named after their son.

“I just love rescuing,” Markle told Winfrey at the time. Apparently, so much so that she felt compelled to save Sinkie from Degeneres, a fellow Montecito resident. Personally, I feel like there’s at least one parallel to be drawn here. The couple who fled an inherently racist monarchy now devotes themselves to rescuing chickens from the home of an allegedly racist (and anti-worker) owner…

Anyway! According to Degeneres, Sinkie sustained a minor leg injury and because her other chickens were “picking on” her, she had no choice but to give her a new home. And who better than the royals to oblige?

Princess Diana destigmatized AIDS and walked through an active minefield to raise awareness for Angolans who lost their lives and her son is rehoming the bullied chickens of a tone-deaf former daytime TV host herself. Nice!

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