Everyone's a Hypebeast


Hypekids, the best and funniest Hypebeast spinoff Instagram and Twitter in that it is for children who are hypebeasts, has brought to my attention that Barbie fucks with Supreme and Louis Vuitton x Supreme. Literally no one is not hypebeasting at any given time, even the most traditional and conservative Americans (such as Barbie).

This image is not Supreme-official—though it’s only a matter of time—but instead the work of the Russian artist David Bromwel, a hypebeast miniatures artist (I LOVE THAT I GOT TO TYPE THAT) who makes and photographs tiny designer gear, Versace Barbie shopping sprees, and Ken doll origami sneaker unboxings. Joe LaPuma watch out!

I am not surprised that Bromwel’s work exists, given the obsessive nature of both streetwear fashion fanatics and miniatures artists, but I can honestly say I never quite imagined that this was an intersection we’d find ourselves one day.

He doesn’t limit himself to one label, however.

Bromwel’s hypebeast Barbie and Ken are apparently named Steve and Mary, and they both have more money than I do. Please indulge in all of Bromwel’s art at his Insta, and if you are interested in creating your own origami sneakers, he has generously shared a template based on his work. We’re doing fine, y’all!

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