EXCLUSIVE Video: Benedict Cumberbatch Spotted Eating

I believe we have now found the most shocking and amazing video ever posted on the Internet.

This video of Benedict Cumberbatch eating kibble out of a bowl on table is simply astounding. Cumberbatch clearly seems to be aware that the prying eyes of the paparazzi are on him and yet he refuses to give any fucks, continuing to brazenly eating with his hands. You can’t see it on this video, but the paparazzi filming this asked him if had any new projects in the works and he reportedly said “no, just reading some scripts.” This is what life in the public eye is like for him now. I think “candid Cumberbatch” is even more adorable than the “Photobombing tuxedo Cumberbatch.” But I like all my Cumberbatches, whatever form they come in.

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