Exclusive: Watch Emma Stone Expertly Dis Edward Norton in Birdman

This is the epitome of #feministboredom: Emma Stone, so used to gross dudes trying to holler, so over it that she can barely muster a response to Ed Norton’s D-grade come-ons. The torn-up tights are a nice touch, too.

This clip, an exclusive to
Jezebel, is from Birdman, the forthcoming Alejandro González Iñárritu-directed black comedy about a former superhero-movie star (Michael Keaton) who attempts to make a comeback by directing a Broadway play. Stone plays his daughter-slash-personal assistant, clearly beleaguered by her lot in life (as well as a recent stint in rehab), and not having any of it. Norton, who portrays an egomaniac theatah star, is on-point as that typical creepy old dude who will comment on your ass and call you sweetheart, but in this clip, Stone slays as the cynical, smart woman who can barely lift a finger to even respond to such nonsense. That alone would be motivation to see Birdman, but it’s also got a bang-up cast, with several of Hollywood’s most awesome women: Amy Ryan, Naomi Watts, Andrea Riseborough, Zach Galifianakis, and Merritt Wever, among others. It’s ostensibly about the struggle of Keaton’s character to shed his past, but clearly there are strong characters across the board. Says Iñárritu, in the Birdman production notes: “I saw [Keaton’s character] as a kind of Don Quixote, where the humor comes from the disparity and permanent dislocation of his solemn ambitions and the ignoble reality that surrounds him. Basically, it’s the story of all of us.”

Ignoble reality: concepts you can get down with. Also, MORE EMMA STONE, ALL THE TIME, PLEASE. Birdman opens wide October 17 via Fox Searchlight. Here’s the trailer, which is a lot more fantastical than the above clip might have you believe. No Baby on the soundtrack, though, a missed opportunity.

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