Fall Fashion Shopping List: What Do You Want to Add to Your Wardrobe?


For a lot of us, the weather is changing and those go-to summer outfits just don’t cut it anymore. Ritual autumnal back-to-school shopping still has a mighty pull, even if you’re no longer a student.

Below, let’s compile a super mega list of all the clothes/shoes/accessories we want for fall. Completely insane/expensive/unaffordable/aspirational items are okay, but we’d much prefer a shoppable list of affordable things for sale right now.


1. Clothing and accessories only. If you want to buy a ski chalet, that goes in another post.

2. Please don’t leave regular/direct comments on this post. Shopping submissions only! You can, however, comment on the submissions.

3. Items should be available online. We want to buy the cool jacket you found! Give us the link!

4. Avoid duplicates. If someone posts the same shoes you MUST have, please avoid making a second entry for it. Instead, just chime in beneath their comment.

5. Follow this format for your entries:


Description of item, price, link to/name of retailer.

Additional notes.


Denim biker jacket, $50, H&M+.

Kind of cheating because I already bought this! I love it. Plus size ladies, I am sorry if I talked shit about H&M’s plus size options, I bought this and it’s fantastic, I wear it all the time. Sold out in most sizes, but you’re size 20, snap it up!

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