Fall in Love With Elisha Cuthbert in This New Little Brutes Video


“Make Our Own Way” by Los Angeles duo Little Brutes has been on heavy personal rotation since their Desire EP dropped in January: it’s gumption and self-determination interpreted through simple pop lines, minimal handclaps and tambourines. It’s also on heavy TV rotation, as the theme song for the new NBC sitcom One Big Happy, which premiered last week and stars Elisha Cuthbert who, guess what, is also the star of this video, debuting here for the first time.

“This video perfectly represents the spirit in which we wrote the song,” says Racheal Cantu, one-half of Little Brutes along with Harlan Silverman. “It’s all about those little, sweet intimate moments you have with your person. Elisha so stunningly and effortlessly captured them. I could not be more honored to share.” Though it’s clear that from behind the camera’s perspective is meant to be the viewer, Elisha is the viewer’s person, and what transpires between them is love—another interpretation of this video is that Elisha is her own person, this celebration of autonomy and just feeling great about yourself, being free enough to run into the ocean and not care that your jeans are sopping. Maybe that’s what being in love is about, too, though, loving yourself enough to see your greatness through the eyes of another.

Either way, it’s sweet. Says director Lindsey Byrnes, “I wanted to make a video that feels hopeful, and makes the viewer feel like they are experiencing that pure moment when you are in love and you feel like you are the only two people on earth. I wanted it to be genderless, as well. Are you a man or a woman? It doesn’t matter. Elisha is such a great actor, it’s hard not to fall in love with her in the first 30 seconds.” Go Elisha!

Cuthbert with Little Brutes’ Harlan Silverman and Rachael Cantu.

In January, I spoke with Cantu about having the theme song for One Big Happy, a show which was created by her wife, Liz Feldman, and produced by Ellen Degeneres. She emphasized that at first she resisted because she didn’t want to be seen as nepotistic, but Feldman insisted—nothing else worked:

Then, my wife, who is a television writer, created One Big Happy, which is the show that we’re going to have the theme song for. I hate saying that, just ’cause of ego, I don’t want people to think that’s why I got it! But you know, I’ve been in this business a very long time, I’ve paid my dues. So she actually challenged me to write “Make Our Own Way,” the first song on the EP. [At first] I said no, and then she came back to me a couple weeks later after trying other music that wasn’t working, and was like, “Don’t you just wanna try?” I was like, OK, fine! We went into the studio and wrote the song, and that’s what sparked the entire EP. It was so much fun because it was such a new sound for us, and we were both totally on the same page. We didn’t even talk about the sound we wanted, we just sort of did it. We were just so excited to do pop music, something we’d never done before.

Clearly, “Make Our Own Way” was the right choice, such a jam. Desire is streamable and coppable here, do recommend!

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