Fashion's Flirtation With The Jersey Shore Cast


The New York Post reports that the women of Jersey Shore posed for a Harper’s Bazaar shoot for a “Miss Manners”-themed shoot, which sounds like a demure make-under. This follows the men going under Terry Richardson‘s lens for Interview.

A photo Snooki posted on her Twitter yesterday shows a blackboard in the background, indicating that the theme includes lessons — on not clocking your roommate in the face, a la J-Woww? Or on not being a trifling game player, a la Sammi?

Then again, this shot she posted with photographer Danielle Levitt suggests that they might be sticking to their true colors at least part of the time:

Harper’s Bazaar, in an apparent effort to use buzz where size or influence are lacking, has in recent years been the stunt-oriented, pop culture-friendly fashion magazine, whether it’s using Its anniversary issue to pose designers with Sesame Street characters, having Tyra Banks play the First Lady when Michelle Obama herself was out of reach, or giving Marc Jacobs yet another opportunity to pose naked.

As for the cast of Jersey Shore, we’re been willing to make an argument that their prevailing aesthetic has its refreshing elements. But Harper’s Bazaar and Interview seem a little late to the bandwagon — an effect that will be compounded in three or four months when the shoots appear in print. Then again, that’ll be around the time of the second season, at which point it’ll be clearer how much of a lasting hold on the national imagination Snooki and The Situation will have.

‘Jersey Shore’ Girls Pose For Harper’s Bazaar [NYP]

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