Feathered Hair Extensions Kill Thousands Of Roosters Each Week, And It's All Ke$ha's Fault


Ke$ha, what have you wrought? The trend for long, clip-in feather hair extensions has apparently led to such tremendous demand for rooster feathers — butt plumes make the best hair decorations, apparently — that thousands of birds are getting plucked each week. Most do not survive the plucking. Such strain is there on the nation’s feather stocks that some fishing tackle stores are also refusing to sell their feathers to women, or anyone else they suspect may be not an angler, but a hair stylist. (“She brought a bunch up to the counter and asked if I could get them in pink,” reports one shop proprietor. “That’s when I knew.”) Why can’t people copy Ke$ha‘s relatively benign grooming choices, like bathing in glitter and glue, or the use of Jack Daniels as toothpaste instead? [Seattle Times]

Ashton Kutcher Tweeted a photo of him and Demi Moore hanging out with Karlie Kloss, as well as modeling mother agents Jeff and Mary Clarke. Kutcher and Kloss were each “discovered” by the Clarkes, in Iowa and in Missouri, respectively. (Full disclosure: they used to be my mother agents, too.) [@aplusk]

Solange Knowles is looking gorgeous in her new Rimmel London ads. [Fashion Bomb Daily]

Herieth Paul made the cover of Elle Canada. Cover line: “NAOMI…Move Over.” Because — did you forget? — there can be only one black model in the world at a time. [ONTD]

Burberry’s fall campaign features all British people. [Telegraph]

Just when we thought we couldn’t love Tavi Gevinson any more, the girl up and marches in the Chicago Slutwalk against sexual violence and victim-blaming. [Chicago Tribune, via Refinery29]

  • Ever so slightly fewer apparel and textile labor union leaders were murdered last year than the year before! Bully. In 2009, 101 people were killed for trying to organize for basic labor rights in the rag trade, which provides notoriously dangerous and ill-paying work to millions of (mostly) women and girls in the Third World so that people in the West can continue buying t-shirts for $9.99. In 2010, there were “only” 90 such murders. [WWD]
  • In case you were wondering, the spikes on Lady Gaga‘s spiked thong went all the way around to the front. [Daily Mail]
  • To celebrate his CFDA Lifetime Achievement award, Marc Jacobs and co. held a party. This may surprise you, but a lot of celebrities came. [P6]
  • More CFDAs gossip: Albert Maysles is doing a documentary on Iris Apfel. Consider our expectations raised. [The Cut]
  • Anderson Cooper, the evening’s host, said Diane von Furstenberg called in a favor to get him there. She pointed to his international reporting and said, “‘What could be scarier than those situations?’ Of course, I said being reviewed by Women’s Wear Daily.” [WWD]
  • Haider Ackermann: “I’ve been kidnapped by the most elegant lady ever, Ms. Madame Wintour, who is not bad to be kidnapped by.” Ackermann, whose dress Lady Gaga wore on the March cover of Vogue, says he wasn’t even supposed to be at the CFDAs on Monday night, but that Anna insisted. [The Cut]
  • Diane von Furstenberg on Anthony Weiner: “I don’t know what’s wrong with straight guys today.” [WWD]
  • Kanye West won’t answer questions about his fashion line, but “insiders” say that the project is going ahead. [Fashionista]
  • Ryan Reynolds is on the new cover of Details. He says that wearing a bright green spandex jumpsuit for his upcoming role as the Green Lantern is “not actually that comfortable.” [WWD]
  • Dylan Lauren is getting married this weekend. Ralph Lauren told Oprah that making his daughter’s wedding dress was a highlight of his career. [P6]
  • Organized retail crime was up 6% in the past year. Criminal gangs stole for resale an estimated $15-$30 billion worth of goods. [WWD]
  • Donatella Versace asked Riccardo Tisci, “Now I must ask you, do you have new ideas for Givenchy, or something new for Riccardo Tisci? I think you know what I mean.” And Tisci replied, “Yes, I know what you mean. You mean what happened at Dior. I don’t know what will happen. Sincerely, I feel sorry for John. But for this moment I am leaving aside all the gossip of ‘I am going here, I am going there,’ because there is a lot of gossip circulating and there always will be. I will tell you, in this moment, I am very happy at Givenchy and it is a moment in which I am bringing the game to the next level.” [Interview]
  • Marc Jacobs apparently used Sofia Coppola’s “American-in-Paris flair” as inspiration for Louis Vuitton‘s Resort collection. [WWD]
  • A museum dedicated to Cristóbal Balenciaga has opened in his hometown, Getaria. [AFP]
  • Nobody at Lanvin is allowed to send emails on Wednesdays anymore. [Reuters]
  • Chloe Sevigny‘s Resort collection for Opening Ceremony — which she presented via runway show for the first time — involved a lot of laser-cut leather. Mmmh, nice and clammy! Modeling legend Jenny Shimizu walked in the show. [The Cut]
  • Finally, official confirmation that Diane von Furstenberg is indeed working on a collaboration with Gap Kids. [WWD]
  • Toms shoes, which donates one pair of shoes to shoeless folks in the Third World for every pair it sells, has launched a sunglasses collection based on the same charitable principle. Instead of receiving sunglasses, people in need will get eye care, prescription glasses, and sight-restoring cataract surgery. [Racked]
  • Village Voice gossip Michael Musto‘s column this week is a really extraordinary series of blind items; we only recognized one (the “plucky performer [who] bristled at a profile in a weekly publication, saying it wasn’t as sensitive as a monthly one that was done — but when the monthly one had come out, the performer had some things to say about that, too” has to be Justin Vivian Bond, who was very upset by Carl Swanson’s profile of him in New York, which he compared unfavorably unfavorable to Mike Albo’s in OUT). But here is the only fashion one: “Which seasoned designer who goes to South America upsets some of the sauna-going locals because, as one of them told me, ‘He makes the price of the rent boys go up from $20 to over $100’?” [Village Voice]
  • A company which has owned the trademark “Angel Dreams” since 1991 is suing Victoria’s Secret for allegedly failing to abide by the terms of a contract which permitted the underwear giant to market a line called “Dream Angels.” The company says Victoria’s Secret stopped paying it the agreed-upon sums in 2008. [WWD]
  • Rick “Zombie Boy” Genest and his trompe l’oeil skeleton tattoos walked in a fashion show that wasn’t Mugler. [Racked]
  • More details of the fast-approaching Prada IPO: “According to a source, the luxury company set a price range of between 46.50 Hong Kong dollars to 48 Hong Kong dollars, or $4.69 to $6.17 at current exchange, a share. Prada aims to sell 16.5 percent of its share capital, or 423.3 million shares following a capital increase, and the group is expected to raise up to 20.32 billion Hong Kong dollars, or $2.6 billion.” The final price is expected to be set by June 17. [WWD]
  • Target shareholders are pissed that the company used $150,000 of their money to fund an extremist right-wing Minnesota gubernatorial candidate. A large coalition of groups, including several state pension funds, said they would protest outside Target’s annual shareholder meeting today. They don’t want Target spending any money during the 2012 election cycle. [WWD]
  • Loehmann’s, which emerged from bankruptcy last March, has a new C.E.O. His name is Steven Newman and he has previously worked at Ashley Stewart and Eddie Bauer. [WWD]
  • Yes, this is exactly what working in fashion is like when you don’t have wealthy parents willing to underwrite your unending series of unpaid internships/$18,000-a-year entry-level job. It’s being shamed for shopping at H&M and rationing each MetroCard swipe and slinking out of bars after finding out the cheapest thing on the drink menu costs $14. [Fashionista]
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