February 28, 2011


Exclusive: New York Fashion Week Was The Whitest In Years

We can report that the just ended New York fashion week featured the least racially diverse cast of models since 2008. New York fashion week featured 137 designer runway shows and presentations, and 5,269 different fall outfits were presented to the world’s retailers and press. Of those 5,269 looks, 4,468 – an overwhelming 84.8% – were modeled by white women. 801 of those looks were given to models who aren’t white. Black models were used 384 times. Asian models were used 323 times. Non-white Latina models were used 79 times. Models of other races only made it onto the runways of New York City – one of the most racially diverse places on this planet – 15 times. Read more »

The 25 Faces Of James Franco

The winners of last night’s Academy Awards were perhaps the most predictable in the ceremony’s history. So it seemed as though the only element of surprise-or entertainment at all-came from James Franco’s ever-changing facial expressions. Read more »

How The Science Of Choice Can Harm Women

It’s pretty much conventional wisdom at this point that Americans have too many choices. Whether it’s strawberry jam or shoes on Zappos, we are just so overwhelmed with information and options that we can’t think straight. This idea seems intuitively true, and is supported by certain evidence – but the rhetoric of Too Much Choice can also hurt us. Read more »

Post-Assault Photos Of Chris Brown Appear Online

Last week, Media Take Out published previously unseen evidence photos of Rihanna after she was assaulted by Chris Brown. Now “in the interest to providing you with ALL RELEVANT FACTS,” the site has posted photos of Chris taken that night. Supposedly they show that Rihanna “busted his lip,” but there’s barely a scratch on him. Read more »

6,000 People Throw It Down For Reproductive Health

At a rally Saturday against House Republican attacks on funding for women’s health services, co-emcee Mary Alice Carr asked anyone in the crowd under 30 to cheer. “It went on for at least a minute,” Shelby Knox, who had been about to go onstage, told me today. “It shook the stage.” Read more »

Vaginal Birth & Mommy Mayhem In Lady Gaga’s New Video

In the opening seconds of Lady Gaga’s new video, “Born This Way,” she declares, “this is the manifesto of Mother Monster.” As we zero in on a galaxy in which the stars are arranged in the shape of a uterus and fallopian tubes, Gaga talks about “the beginning of a new race.” We see her, feet in stirrups, giving birth to something. The singer also describes “the birth of evil,” which is apparently represented by a guy tattooed to look like he has no skin. It’s official: Lady Gaga has baby fever. Read more »

The Day I Faced My Rapist In Court

The morning I was to read the statement in the courtroom would be the second time that the man who raped me and I were going to be in the same room. But unlike that day, we were in a room open to the public, and I could say what I felt and what I thought. Read more »

Charlie Sheen’s Manic Monday Interviews

Charlie Sheen’s Manic Monday InterviewsIn his interviews with both Today and GMA this morning, and then TMZ later today, Charlie Sheen claimed to be clean and sober (even passing on-air urine and blood tests). He says that the only drug he’s on right now is “Charlie Sheen.” As evidenced in these clips, Charlie Sheen is a helluva drug. Read more »

Did Melissa Leo Beat Ageism?

Melissa Leo won Best Supporting Actress last night at the Oscars, despite the backlash from the vaguely baffling ads she took out for herself, and despite what she’d described as her reason for taking them out in the first place: bias against older women. So what happened? Read more »

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