Fed Chair Janet Yellen Wore Same Dress Twice, Upsetting Local Idiot


BREAKING: Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen, one of the most powerful women in the world, sometimes reuses clothing. This is News, according to a writer for a prominent Washington DC blog that normally covers stuff of importance like “laws” and “government” and “men who wear the same fucking outfits like every day and no one notices.”

Here’s what Roll Call’s Warren Rojas wrote in a post about Yellen today:

At least we know her mind won’t be preoccupied with haute couture.
Here’s the black-on-black ensemble she sported last month when President Barack Obama officially nominated her.
And her battle gear of choice for today’s nomination hearing on Capitol Hill.
Mind you, nobody has ever accused HOH of being particularly stylish. But we do manage to switch up outfits on the reg.

If a woman had written this column, this is the point where I’d be making rrow sounds and clawing at the air to indicate an instance of bitches being catty.

[Roll Call]

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