Federal Agents Are at Burning Man, and They're in Costume


If you’re at/headed to Burning Man, just know that the dude with LED poi sticks and cowboy hat made of desecrated muppet fur might be really, really happy to see you — but he’s also got a gun in that American Flag thong.

It’s not too dire, according to SFist, there were only 350 arrests at the fest last year. That’s not much, considering that there are between 50 to 60 thousand people at the playa every day. Since a lot of that is because of drug use, you might want to keep an eye on your usage, but other than that: HAVE FUN?

Or don’t go and enjoy your city in the most blissfully peaceful zen state ever — especially if you live in San Francisco. Man, Burning Man weekend is the most wonderful time of the year in S.F.; the air’s a little cleaner, the people are a little kinder, cartoon birds braid your hair. You can go to brunch at a reasonable hour. It’s magical.



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