Feign Shock With Me as Reports Claim Scott Rudin Is a Tyrannical Asshole

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Feign Shock With Me as Reports Claim Scott Rudin Is a Tyrannical Asshole
Graphic:Elena Scotti (Image by The Hollywood Reporter)

The worst-kept secret in New York’s production world is being splashed across the front page of The Hollywood Reporter for everyone to see. An in-depth report with stories from former employees claims that Scott Rudin is an absolute, insufferable, violent asshole or as THR framed it, “Everyone just knows he’s an absolute monster.”

But the stories shared with THR go far beyond what anyone outside of the production landscape can even imagine. In one retelling, Rudin allegedly slammed a computer screen into the hand of an assistant and then immediately called his lawyer while the assistant was rushed to the hospital to deal with the glass protruding from his hand.

One former employee, Caroline Rugo, told THR that she had to get approval from Rudin to exercise 30 minutes a day, a level of activity required to help treat her Type 1 diabetes. That employee got permission to take care of her body from 5:30 am to 6 a.m., and was reportedly expected to be available for any work-related called or emails during that window.

However, it seems that throwing things was allegedly Rudin’s preferred MO. Former employees recount Rudin throwing whatever was closest, including, in one instance, a baked potato. In another instance, he allegedly threw a laptop getting at a window and then pounded on a napkin dispenser. “Then another time he threw a glass bowl,” in the direction of an employee, Rugo said, adding that she was unsure if Rudin meant to hit the employee or the wall. [Hollywood Reporter]

Nike, the purveyor of ethics and good taste, has suspended its endorsement contract with Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson after only just the 22nd woman filed a civil suit against Watson for alleged sexual misconduct. The company, which is so pure in thought and deed that they would not allow a devil-themed sneaker to exist with their pagan-god-themed logo on it, said in a statement that they were “deeply concerned” about the allegations against Watson. That concern didn’t seem to be all too deep when the lawsuits filed against Watson were sitting at 10 or 15, but something about the number 22 must have pulled at Nike’s corporate heartstrings. [Bleacher Report]

  • The LA Sherriff’s Department has concluded that the sole cause for the car accident involving Tiger Woods was the fact that Woods was speeding. However, it’s still unknown whether Woods was still conscious when he lost control of the car. [TMZ]
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  • Netflix might be coming out with a docuseries about Kanye West. [Vulture]
  • Allow this photo of Serena Williams and her daughter to brighten the remainder of your entire week. [Instagram]
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