Female Soldiers Get Make-Up And Women's Mags • Study Says: Breast Milk Is No Better For Babies


• The USO recently sent out care packages to women deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan. This is the first time they have singled out female soldiers, which is great, but what’s inside isn’t: copies of Cosmo and tubes of mascara.

Jessica from Feministing explains why this is annoying: “setting up a press conference showing Jill Biden and Rep. Nancy Pelosi stuffing bags with makeup just rubs me the wrong way. It’s a wink-wink-nudge-nudge moment that tells people even though these women are in the military, they’re still feminine…we promise!” • Esquire has compiled a list of 57 jokes told by beautiful women. Naturally, this includes a slide show of the hotties alongside their sometimes awful, sometimes great jokes. I only managed to make it to number 20, but Gabrielle Union’s is pretty good. • A poor feline from Massachusetts was found frozen in the snow, and by all appearances, dead. Fortunately, Animal Control Officer Hillary Cohen managed to revive the kitty with blankets and heat therapy. • In 1955, Curtis Allina convinced the Pez company to stick little plastic heads on the candy-dispensers. Allina passed away recently at his home in Olympia, Washington, but his contribution will live on. • Police in New Bedford, MA, are investigating the possibility that one of their own officers posted images of a dead body on Facebook. He has been accused of putting pictures of a drug-overdose victim in a photo album on the social networking site. • According to a recent study, having a bad gym teacher can permanently put you off exercise (insert dodgeball joke here). He also found that adults have much fonder memories of activities that required minimal organization, such as street hockey. • The Huffington Post has a few suggestions as to who should be named “Father of the Year.” Sharon Powell nominates the father of the Northwest Airlines bombing suspect and David Goldman for the honor. • Did you know there is a group called Games Adolescents Shouldn’t Play? And that they campaign for kids to stop doing dumb shit like the “choking game?” But this is no laughing matter; the CDC puts the number of adolescents killed by the pass-out game in the last 12 years at 82. • Videogum has filled the void we didn’t know existed by making a Avatar make-up tutorial for men who want to look like Jake Sully, the blue version. • In case you weren’t already kind of creeped out by Facebook, Wired reports that the website’s recent changes could allow marketers to “take a list of 1,000 e-mail addresses, either legally or illegally collected — and upload those through a dummy account — which then lets the user see all the profiles created using those addresses.” • A 16-year-old boy was caught en route from Canada to meet a 42-year-old Texas woman he met while playing World of Warcraft. Xeni Jardin notes that everyone has been “remarkably mellow. Would things have been handled differently were genders/ages reversed?” • A brave dog saved his 11-year-old master last week from a charging cougar. Sadly, the image that came to mind upon reading that headline was not of a large cat. Curse you, Cougar Town! • Hey ladies, looking for a way to drop those holiday pounds? If you’re reading this site, probably not, but just in case, the Huffington Post has a great (read: obvious and patronizing) article on how to stop stressing, and eating, and stress-eating. • A new study out of Norway claims that breast milk is no better for babies than formula. They found that the only advantage in breastfeeding is that it gives the child a small IQ boost. •

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