"Feminist" Vandal Defaces Berlin


A subway poster in Berlin featuring Britney Spears, Leona Lewis and Christina Aguilera has been altered in a strange and interesting way: it has been defaced to mimic an open Photoshop window.

The creative vandal placed stickers around the blown-up — and undoubtedly Photoshopped — faces of the three celebrities to mimic toolbars from the application. Carla at Feministe has picked up on the possibly feminist implications of the vandalism, but she also concedes that the posters could be a more general statement about the advertising industry. However, even if this wasn’t the artist’s intention, the posters serve as springboard for discussions about the ubiquity of Photoshop and the impossible standards it perpetuates for women. They give us a much-needed reminder that what we see is hardly ever real, and that “perfection” can only be attained through computerized tweaking. As one of stickers on Britney’s poster reads, “don’t forget…” [Feministe, Flickr]

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