First Single From All-Girl Band Supercute! Is a Bubbly Delight


Get ready to cry about your wasted youth.

Meet Supercute!, the all-girl band from Brooklyn that’s bringing the unself-conscious, upbeat sounds to your ears and heart. Founded by Rachel Trachtenburg, a nineteen-year-old singer and Elite model, whose last name might sound familiar because she’s Michelle Trachtenberg’s evil twin she used to play the drums in her family’s band, Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players. She was six. Yes, that’s legal.

She’s teamed up with fellow overachiever Julia Cumming to form Supercute!, and “Love Love Leave Love” is their first single. The full album is due out later this year.

What does everyone think? Is Supercute! your super jam? Or can you not get past your jealousy over a bunch of awesome teens having fun and being successful? Personally, I’m torn — but dammit, my toe is tapping. Get it, girls.

[via TeenVogue]

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