Flight Of The Conchords Talk To The NYT Magazine


Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clemet will appear in the NY Times Magazine this Sunday, telling interviewer Deborah Solomon what it’s like living in New York, and what they think of Obama’s stimulus package.

Here’s a snippet:

Bret: [New York is] a good city if you want to struggle. It’s easy to struggle in New York. I think New York is a bit expensive. It’s too expensive to hang out unless you’ve got a TV show.

Any thoughts on the president’s new stimulus package? What do you recommend for the U.S. economy?
Jemaine: Budgeting.
Bret: Yeah, the government should do a budget.

I believe we already have a budget.
Jemaine: It doesn’t seem like it…Maybe the American government could get a second job.
Bret: A part-time job. Or maybe the government should get its own TV show.

Photo courtesy of The New York Times Magazine

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