Food Trucks Out, Fashion Trucks In (JK, Food Trucks Forever)

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Sure, you’ve heard of the food truck—mobile kitchens that drive around town bringing you hot dogs or barbecue or whatever else you’re hungry and engorged heart desires—but have you heard of the fashion truck?

“Housed in retrofitted Airstream RVs and step vans, these roving shops are popping up at festivals, markets and private events,” reports Minneapolis’ Star Tribune. “Like food trucks, mobile retailers provide their owners with a lower overhead and more flexibility than traditional brick-and-mortar shops. And unlike online shopping, fashion trucks offer customers instant gratification.”

Great, but will they still bring me tacos?

“I think so many people come in because they’re like, what is this? They want to see what it’s all about,” says Flaunt Accessories’ Melissa Hardin. “When you’re inside, you forget you’re in a truck.”

That’s a no on tacos? What about bành mí? Got any of that?

“I think they like the novelty,” Hardin adds. “It’s something they usually haven’t seen before. And not only are wives excited about shopping, the husbands are curious about how the truck was made.”

Hm. Do the husbands get bành mí? Does anyone get bành mí? No, it seems they only get clothes.

This coming Saturday, Minneapolis will host the Fashion Truck Festival, an event organized by Style A Go-Go truck owner Kim Huston. I’d go if I lived in the Twin Cities even though the idea of trying on clothes in a sweaty, cramped truck sounds very terrible to me. Mostly because I assume that there will be food trucks nearby.

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Images via the Instagram accounts of Flaunt Accessories and Style A Go-Go.

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