Forget Kate; Charles and Camilla Are Today's Most Photogenic Royals


You’ve probably heard a lot of folderol about how Will & Kate & Harry are so hip and stylish and young and generally the most media-friendly thing that’s happened to the monarchy in years. Well, that’s wrong. Turns out the camera loves middle-aged Prince Charles, and he and Camilla are the most photogenic royals in the game right now.

Sure, Kate has great hair and a closet full of really tasteful pumps and cute babies. Fine. That’s great. But can she make faces like this?

Charles and Camilla weren’t just having a banner day at the Sandingham Flower Show because there happened to be a bird of prey onsite. This is a regular occurrence. They seem to have a natural talent for landing in absurd photo ops and also for making silly faces.

Camilla in particular seems to have some built-in radar for registering the existence of dogs to pet. I guess it’s an aristo thing?

And here they are with a piglet.

Bet their cocktail cart is nothing to fuck with.

Of course they send Charles and Camilla to the sheep racing. Of course.

They are absolutely the royals you put in a very tiny car. No one else is qualified.

It’s like a Monty Python skit came to life and somebody made it heir to the throne of Great Britain, and it’s the best media spectacle going.

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