Fox Host Thinks Minorities Should Be More Sensitive Toward Cops


Fox News is at it again as Justice with Judge Jeanine host Jeanine Pirro says the American public needs to learn how to better deal with police, instead of the other way around. Because between Mike Brown, Eric Garner and Akai Gurley, it’s wild how many civilians are fatally shooting cops these days.

From Raw Story:

Listing off comments from viewers, Pirro quoted Fox viewer ‘Jeff’ who wrote, “Why is it always necessary to tip toe around the minority community,” with ‘Larry’ writing, “No. Enough is enough. The general public needs to be more sensitive to the police and show them the respect they deserve.”
Pirro added, “I agree.”

Yeah, look at all these minorities getting all this special treatment so they feel like their lives are meaningless in the American justice system. Cops are killing them with their bare hands on video and they expect their killers to be held accountable? Spoiled brats!

Also, I wonder if ‘Jeff’ realizes that Pirro is Lebanese American and if this was the 1980s, her ethnic group would be on the other end of the racial profiling argument? I doubt it though; even Pirro is murky on the definition of racial profiling.

“That’s when race is used to engage law enforcement in the minority community, ” she explained. “But offender profiling is when an offender is ID’d by a description including his race, which is the only way to investigate some of these cases.”

So racial profiling can only happen where people of color live?

L O L.

Everybody’s got an opinion, even if it’s one-sided and privileged.

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