French Pop Star and Icon France Gall Has Died 


Singer France Gall, who rose to fame in 1965 after winning the Eurovision Song Contest at 17, has died at age 70.

In 1966, she recorded the controversial Serge Gainsbourg song “Lollipops,” which included the lyrics “When the candy stick/With anise flavor/Goes down Annie’s throat/She is in heaven.” She later refused to perform it and cut ties with Gainsbourg after realizing the sexual entendre. The tune of her 1967 hit “Comme d’habitude” was adapted by singer/songwriter Paul Anka for Frank Sinatra’s “My Way.”

Gall returned to pop success in 1987 with the album Babacar, including a popular tribute to Ella Fitzgerald. She quit recording in the late 90s to focus on humanitarian work, following the death of her husband and daughter.

On Sunday, Emmanuel Macron tweeted that she “leaves behind songs that are familiar to all French people and the example of a life devoted to others.”

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