Frozen Asks: Do You Wanna #%{* a Snow Man?


I’m assuming the actual lyrics are about building a snowman rather than creating an anatomically correct powdered ice sculpture for the sole purpose of rubbing one’s tingly parts against. However, I haven’t seen the movie (no one will reimburse me! Maybe I should set up a Kickstarter?) so maybe Disney has just given it all up and made their subtle sex humor (THERE’S A BUTT IN THE SKY!) incredibly blatant because kids just aren’t going to get it or care. Kids only care about the happy ending in which The Little Mermaid doesn’t die. (TBH: I was actually more shocked by the happy ending because my parents only read me the sad one back in Mother Russia.)

Either way, this video —which bleeps out random words unnecessarily— is amazing because it functions as a projective test of how incredibly dirty your mind is. In every instance I knew that the bleeped out word was something inoffensive, and yet I couldn’t help substituting something awful, dirty, and illegal in at least 48 states. And then I couldn’t help but see the image in my mind. Fair warning, some of these images will include a reindeer. A reindeer! There seems to be a troll involved, too, but that’s too much even for me.

BRB, going to go wash mind out with soap.

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