Fuck Today, Let's Look at This Capybara Hanging With Other Animals


Meet Gari ROUS, short for Garibaldi, Rodent of Unusual Size, is the world’s largest and also most adorable* rodentia.

Gari is the rightful heir to Caplin ROUS throne, and it’s true, he is unusually cute. Actually, I’m not totally sure about that statement as he looks exactly like Caplin to me. Is that speciesist? Probably, but I bet there’s some capybaras on a different planet looking at pictures of me and another fat redhead online and being all, “meh, same diff!” I do not care, I still love them very much.

According to Catster, which is where I get all my news and so should you, Gari is now pretty much bff with a stray cat who wondered into his life. They are a (potentially terrible) Nickelodeon show waiting to happen, and I’ll watch every damn episode.


*Possible exception of Ratatouille.

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