Gender Bender: Biological Women On RuPaul's Drag Race

On last night’s episode of RPDR, the contestants were introduced to a group of female fighters: cagefighters, karate experts, and boxers. The challenge? To turn the butch ladies into femme drag queens. Send in the clones!

Early in the episode, the contestants got fight lessons from the women. It was funny to see the queens try to punch, kick and fight, but when the tables were turned, it was hilarious to see the real women — total tomboys — try to walk in heels and get spackled with makeup. One fighter admitted that it was the first time she would be wearing a bra. (First time, and it’s glittery!) While busting gender stereotypes was fun, the runway walk — in which contestants and their “mini me” ladies walked together — was even better. Clip above; please note special guest judges this week included Lucy Lawless and Robin Antin from the Pussycat Dolls!

See more footage from the runway judging — including before and after shots of the women — here. The bottom two this week were Bebe and Ongina, and sadly, Ongina was eliminated. Here are her last words:

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