German Women Have All The Fun


Today we got a tip I’m going to excerpt here in its entirety because I am both jealous and lazy: “Today in Cologne, Germany, at 11:11 women storm the city hall and cut the ties off of all the men. People party until tuesday. And I mean get really really blitzt. Fucking in the street drunk. (but you won’t find that on google.) They wear stupic [sic] costumes too. The rest of Germany is sort of embarrassed by the whole thing because of its vulgarity, which I think is why the rest of the world only knows about Octoberfest, and not the Nordrheinwestfallen version of Mardi Gras. Tradition dating back hundreds of years. Might be interesting for jezebel to right [sic] about.”

Um, luckily for me, I have a brother who works for the German embassy, with whom I was able to confirm the existence of this festival, and he has a fiancee who lives, for the moment, in Cologne. She is pictured at left in a picture he apparently found at this news website.

Why is it Germans are so full of mirth and joy this time of year? What are they smoking? Also: Can I have some?

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